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Bindaree Food Group hosted a company-wide webinar to celebrate International Women’s Day on Friday 8 March, 2024, bringing together team members from our various locations, including Brisbane, Burleigh Heads, Cooma, Croppa Creek, Sydney, and Inverell. The webinar showcased updates from our internal leaders and inspiring talks from external guest speakers, Butcher Girl Alison Meagher and World Athlete Bonnie Hancock.

Nerrida Kyle, Head of People & Culture at Bindaree, kicked-off the webinar by noting the Workplace Gender Equality Agency’s call for transparency in workplace diversity. Addressing the Australian national gender pay gap of 21%, Bindaree has made a commendable reduction to 10% over the past three years. Nerrida stated that Bindaree is dedicated to fostering inclusivity through initiatives such as expanded parental leave and a flexible workplace policy.

Louise Fitzpatrick, Chief Legal Counsel at Bindaree, continued the conversation by integrating our ESG into the discussion, which drives our commitment to corporate governance and inclusion. Louise confirmed Bindaree had a higher proportion of women promoted to managerial roles compared to men in the last 12 month period and highlighted female representation at a board level of 40%.

Key Speakers Share Career Journeys, Advice, and Inspiration

Butcher Girl Alison shared her inspiring journey from an Angus cattle farm in Victoria to becoming a renowned figure in the meat industry, overcoming gender biases and stereotypes. Despite initial discouragement, Alison’s passion for butchery led her to self-training and mentorship, highlighting the importance of mental resilience for women in the male-dominated meat industry. She expressed admiration for Vivienne Westwood, a fearless British fashion designer.

Bonnie Hancock, a former professional ironwoman turned world record-breaking paddler, shared her extraordinary journey during the webinar. Originating from Sawtell in New South Wales, Bonnie’s early talent in surf lifesaving paved her path to becoming a professional ironwoman on the Gold Coast at the age of 17. Transitioning to specialist ski paddling after a decade in the sport, she found continued success. Amid the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, Bonnie discovered her passion for long-distance paddling through a book recounting Freya Hoffmeister’s circumnavigation of Australia.

In December 2021, Bonnie embarked on an unprecedented challenge, paddling 12,700 kilometres clockwise around Australia. Her incredible feat shattered the world record for the fastest circumnavigation, both male and female, and she also set a 24-hour record for women, covering an astounding 213 kilometres. Throughout her demanding journey, Bonnie emphasised the vital support of her core crew, comprised of both young men and supportive females, who played pivotal roles in ensuring her safety, providing encouragement, and emotional support.

Paul Wightman, General Manager of Operations at Bindaree, shared stories of working with inspiring female leaders, emphasising the importance of breaking barriers. He highlighted that capability should not be hindered by gender and encouraged individuals to pursue their goals. Paul expressed admiration for Michelle Obama, his resilient chef sister, and his daily inspiration, his wife.

Empowering Webinar Success: Gratitude to All Participants

A big thank you to all the speakers for joining our International Women’s Day celebration! The panel covered essential topics like overcoming gender bias and discussing equal opportunities, focusing on making our workplace more diverse and inclusive. Our webinar aimed to inspire, educate, and contribute to positive changes within our group and the beef industry. Bindaree encourages everyone to #InspireInclusion

Pictured below: Butcher Girl Alison (top) and Bonnie Hancock (bottom).

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