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Held in Melbourne on Wednesday, March 20th, the Meat Business Women conference centred around the theme ‘The Power Of You,’ aiming to empower participants and equip them with the tools to recognise strengths, step up, speak out, and drive positive change in the meat industry.

Representing Bindaree at the conference were three of our remarkable female leaders: Martha Brandao, Quality Assurance Manager; Phillippa Fleming, Training & Improvement Lead; and Rebecca Kelson, Operations Manager. Each embraced the opportunity to connect with other incredible women in the Australian meat industry and gain insights from industry-leading speakers.

Hear From Our Female Attendees

Philippa shares her experience: “Thank you so much to our business for providing me with the opportunity to attend the Meat Business Women conference. The content and the speakers were sensational, relevant, and on-point in our current market. It was very uplifting and inspiring. There was also a lot of opportunity to network with other women in the meat industry. I have already made contact with some of the women I met at the conference and have been able to continue growing my network within the meat industry. There is so much happening in the support networks of our industry, and it is great to now feel like I am a part of it. I enjoyed it so much! It would be great to attend again”.

Martha reflects on her experience: “I appreciate being nominated to represent Bindaree along with Phillippa and Rebecca. It was an amazing experience for me. I connected with other strong women and came back feeling powerful and capable of being part of the change we need.”

Rebecca adds her thoughts: “The MBW event was an awesome and inspiring gathering for women across the industry. Guest speakers, especially Michelle Redfern (Author of The Leadership Compass) and Kate Dillon (Founder of She Lion and Director of Walk Fearlessly), delivered powerful and inspiring messages with high-energy presentations. Meeting so many wonderful people within our industry and connecting with women who want and have been successful in their careers was truly positive and inspiring. It’s encouraging to see the support and encouragement for women to build and further their careers within the meat industry”

Driving Positive Change For Females In The Meat Industry

Following the successful event, Stacey McKenna, Chair of Meat Business Women Australia and Meat Industry Advisor, shared on LinkedIn: “Thanks to all that attended, our partners and our sponsors. We look forward to continuing to work together to shift the dial to create a more inclusive and supportive meat industry.

At Bindaree, we’re committed to empowering female leaders and providing opportunities for growth and development. We look forward to celebrating ongoing achievements of our female leaders as they drive positive change in the meat industry and beyond.

Pictured above: Kate Dillon, Founder, She Lion Group and Walk Fearlessly Pty Ltd (left), Stacey McKenna, Chair of Meat Business Women Australia (centre) and Michelle Redfern, DEI Expert & Owner, Advancing Women in Business & Sport.

Pictured below: Martha Brandao, Quality Assurance Manager from Bindaree (left) and Rebecca Kelson, Operations Manager at Bindaree (middle) pictured with Colin McKenna, Managing Director of Midfield Group (left) and Stacey McKenna, Chair of Meat Business Women Australia (right). 

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