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Bec Walton


Growing up in Sydney, I have not come from a farming background. Having recently completed a Bachelor of Animal Science at CSU in Wagga Wagga I developed a passion for red meat during my time at university. The opportunity to work within one of the biggest red meat producers in the country with sites spanning the whole red meat supply chain is an experience not many graduate programs are afforded.  

Bindaree offered a unique opportunity within the Supply Chain Graduate role with the ability to tailor the role based on the interests of the graduate. The opportunity to be exposed to every element of the supply chain, partnered with leaders who live and breathe the industry has exceeded my expectations as a graduate coming straight out of university.  

Throughout the program I have followed the Bindaree product from Myola feedlots feeding and livestock teams, to planning and logistics in Inverell, understanding what happens after processing and during distribution. The opportunity to see the product during processing and production quickly highlighted the idea that one element of the supply chain could not work without the other. I have also worked within the People and Culture team, where I have gained an understanding of how to manage Bindaree’s biggest asset, the people.  

With consistent support throughout the program, Bindaree has also guided me through a Certificate IV in Meat Processing Leadership and a beef specification certificate with AUSMeat.  

I would recommend Bindaree for anyone looking for a unique opportunity to work within all aspects of the red meat supply chain. It is the experience of a lifetime.  


As a recent graduate of a Bachelor of Business and a Bachelor of Law, this cadetship afforded me incredible exposure to an international corporation that has coverage across the full supply chain in the red meat industry.

I visited our many sites across the east coast in Inverell, Croppa Creek, Sydney, Burleigh heads and Brisbane. The opportunity to travel with work is something I find very rare for any Graduate opportunity and something that has made this experience so unique.

I worked in all core functions of Bindaree’s supply chain. I have worked in the feedlot where I contributed to the feeding and livestock teams as well as having experience with the daily operations on plant garnering an understanding of a processing facility. I also worked in logistics and sales to understand what happens once the product is packed and ready to be distributed. The program quickly teaches you how all roles are important and how the mechanics of a supply chain operate.

Bindaree supported me through further studies in Certificate IV Meat Processing Leadership and a Beef Specification Certificate from Ausmeat.

I would recommend Bindaree to anyone interested in a unique experience with a growing Australian owned business.

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Gpi Barney Journey Bg


Coming from a non-farming background, I grew up with a keen interest in agriculture, particularly passionate about animal production. I attended the University of Sydney, graduating with a Bachelor of Animal and Veterinary Bioscience (Honours II), majoring Animal Production. At the end of my degree I obtained the role as Sales Graduate within the National Sales Team at Bindaree, based in our Sydney office.

Over the past 10 months spent at Bindaree, the knowledge I have gained on the red meat supply chain has exceed my expectations as a graduate coming straight out of university. The most surprising element of working for a meat processor is realizing that the entire carcass is utilized in some way and nothing goes to waste, whether it goes into pharmaceuticals, human or pet consumption.

My team have supported me in every endeavor and provided a positive work environment suitable for any graduate. Although I work predominantly in the sales team, my role at Bindaree has allowed me to gain understanding in areas of the business such as production, supply chain planning, logistics and marketing.

I am currently managing our co-products portfolio and associated projects, such as identifying missed opportunities from analysing our production data to increase our collection rates and revenue on co-products.


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